How To Improve Your Life

how to improve your life

Want to know how to improve your life?

Providing inspirational coaching on-demand with the click of a button, ME Clock is like a personal trainer for your mind. It can provide a relaxing, empowering workout for your thoughts and emotions helping to improve your life for the better.  ME Clock is a revolution in mental training because it puts a rich blend of life coaching, meditation and counseling philosophies within your reach 24/7. It can help you experience what once cost thousands and decades to attempt. With ME Clock, you can:

Write and rewrite your life script any time and change your life for the better.

✓  Get “in tune” with your ideals and goals.

✓  Relax, unwind, and energize on-demand.

✓  Empower yourself to pursue your dreams.

✓  Improve your performance and overall wellness.

✓  Upgrade your self-control and personal relationships.

✓  Restore your motivation, focus and self-confidence.

✓  Regain your sense of balance and objectivity.

How to Change your Life for the Better

ME Clock: It’s thought and behavior training you can afford to get and maintain for life – no appointment necessary.

You’ve landed in the heart of a cutting-edge transformation.

ME Clock helps you overcome negative thought patterns that have built up over time and prevented you from being the ME you want to BE. Think of your mind like a computer. For a computer to perform at an optimum level, negative programs (or viruses) need to be removed and replaced with fresh applications and positive programs. The result is a faster more efficient computer that completes any task you assign, without stalling or breaking down. ME Clock retrains you to use your mind to overcome these negative thought patterns, allowing you to flourish and effortlessly achieve your goals.

ME Clock Programmes to improve your life

me thin

Weight Management | Appetite Control

Allow a sequence of mind-shifting statements and focused rhythms to deeply retrain your attitudes toward weight loss. ME Thin helps you automatically reconsider the choices you make towards becoming a thinner and healthier you.

me fit

Toned | Firm | In Shape

Get powerful input for peak performance and endurance to go the distance in achieving your fitness goals. ME Fit helps you gain new levels of determination as you strengthen your core fitness beliefs and excel beyond original measures.

me love

Attraction | Charisma | Perfect Partner

With the potent awakenings of the ME Love sequence, change your thought patterns about the love you deserve, and create a new love paradigm to attract the attention, adoration and support you desire.

me happy

Positivity | Joy | Enlightenment

Feelings of bliss and joy arise through a combination of powerful self-affirming vocal feedback, uplifting music mix and energy-shifting sound waves in ME Happy.

me calm

Calm | Tension-Free | Centered

Take the ultimate journey to relieve stress, anxiety and fear by gaining control over your mind and emotions. ME Calm helps you refocus your reactions and improve your coping capacity.

me rich

Wealth | Power | Success

The belief-changing sequences within ME Rich help alter your wealth perception and engender your ability to create prosperity and bring wealth and abundance into your life.

me smart

Focus | Memory | Creativity

Precise, targeted ME Smart messages help you tap into and expand your inner brilliance. They help strengthen your learning abilities and sharpen mental factoring and information retention skills.

me sleep

The Perfect Sleep

Experience a deep, peaceful uninterrupted sleep. With ME Sleep, a perfect combination of sleep-provoking sounds, tones and language converge to lull you into a restful state.

me energy


Re-charge your personal energy source with ME Energy’s boosting system. Feel revived, uplifted and action-packed for a fresh high resource start!

me quit

Smoking | Addictions | Phobias

Redirect your thought cycles. Help stop cravings and gain control by focusing on outcomes. Learn how to think beyond the moment and envision the end result. With ME Quit, retrain to replace immediate gratification with a deep belief in the joy of the ultimate outcome.

me confident

Confidence | Achievement | Personal Power

Develop an inner dialogue of self-assurance. Start eliminating feelings of self-doubt, and step into a place of inner knowing and self-confidence with the compelling focus methods in ME Confident.

me change

Manifest | New You | Destiny

Change your Life with ME CLock

The ME Change tracks help you heighten your awareness and retrain your thought process. They support you in modifying your behavior to help achieve the change you seek.

We have spent 10 years at the ME Clinic helping people overcome fears, problems and negative thought patterns which were restricting them from living the life of their dreams. We did this through a 3-step approach that we developed with the very specific goal of quickly and easily enabling anyone to rid their mind of old limits and unlock the life they had been waiting to live.

Over a decade of experience has gone into perfecting this system. ME SYSTEM 24™ actually changes people’s lives and has worked brilliantly for anyone who has tried it. The simple truth is that any person can achieve the life they want in a short period of time if you give them the right tools to target the problem at its core. 

That’s why we created an approach that cuts through all of the usual self-help and therapy approaches and delivers real results in the shortest amount of time. Using the latest technology, we have now been able to make these tools available to the world through the 3-step ME SYSTEM 24™  and with one simple product: the ME Clock.

me clock - sleep device



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